ITO Cleansing Towel Portable 10 Packs 日本ITO 珍珠棉柔一次性洗脸巾便携装 10包


ITO Cleansing Towel Portable 10 Packs  (Pack/15pcs)

ITO face towels are natural colorless, alcohol-free, and odorless that uses 100%  pure cotton. It can be use for both dry and wet purposes, with pearl texture that helps to lock moisture and not easy to tear. Can be use to remove make up, cleanse the skin, as a sheet mask, or any other purposes. 


Use it as any purpose for skincare and makeup.

22cm x 20cm


日本ITO 珍珠棉柔一次性洗脸巾便携装 10包 (包/15片)



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