ITO Lotion Sheet 50pcs 日本ITO 压缩隐形面膜纸 包/50片


When you apply lotion, it spreads in the shape of your face, so it fits tightly and provides intensive moisture care. We realized a high-quality mask that is light, soft, stretchy and adherent, so you can care for it comfortably and effectively.

  •   Put one lotion pouring sheet
  •   Made of 100% natural pulp
  •   You can bring out the effect of your lotion
  •   There is no worry that it does not fit your skin because it contains your usual serum.


  • Pulp, Rayon


  • Keep out of reach of children. Adult supervision required. This is inedible and non-flushable. Do not flush down the toilet. Do not store in a direct sunlight or in a high temperature. 

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