ITRIM Elementary Essential EE Cream Makeup Base 28g


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  • [Even] to even out the skin color and smooth it out, and enhance the skin care effect [Effect].
  • It is a multi-functional makeup base that protects the skin from various external factors during the day and creates the feeling of adult skin.
  • Controls sebum secretion, which is easy to change while maintaining moisture.
  • Soft natural beige is a color composed of useful plants and naturally derived ingredients.
  • It beautifully covers adult skin problems such as pores, wrinkles, and color unevenness, and creates a healthy finish with a three-dimensional effect.

How to use: 

  • Estimated usage: 1 to 2 large rice grains

・Please use it according to the condition of your skin and your preference.
・After preparing the skin with skin care, wait a while before use.

1. Place an appropriate amount on your forehead, both cheeks, chin and nose.
2. Spread evenly from the center of the face to the outside and gently press the skin with your palm to fit.
3. Layer more lightly on the part you care about.


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