ITRIM Elementary Face Cleansing Cream 110g


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  • Cleansing that adheres closely to makeup stains and wraps it in before flowing.
  • A unique texture that makes your fingers soft and light, and even removes old keratin stains that may cause makeup and dullness.
  • It is a creamy cream type that is full of lustrous beauty ingredients.
  • For a smooth, shiny, clear, glossy skin.

How to use

Amount of usage: 4-5 cm
Take an appropriate amount on the back of a dry hand and gently touch it with your fingertips to warm it up.
[1] Place it on a thick line at 5 points on the face, spread it over the entire face, and apply it to makeup and stains.
[2] Apply from the bottom to the top of the face by swirling small circles to blend in with the makeup stains.
[3] When the feel of your finger changes, it is a sign of washing away. Rinse thoroughly from the center of the face to the sides so that there is no wash residue.


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