ITRIM Elementary Face Treatment Oil 18ml


<ITRIM> facial oil with 100% natural ingredients for aging care*.
Considering the skin of an adult, a texture that spreads comfortably and smoothly on the skin.
Gentle pink oil, which is the natural color of the shikon extract.
<ITRIM> Blended with carefully selected marine extract and various useful plant extracts, it gives transparent and glossy skin.
A massage gives a refreshing impression.
It can be used as a pre-beauty oil after washing the face or as a beauty oil after preparing with lotion.

* Care according to age


  • Usage guideline: 1 drop on all faces
  • After washing your face or conditioning your skin with lotion, take an appropriate amount on your palm.

[1] Warm with your palm and take a deep breath with your nose covered. Use your hands symmetrically to draw a line from the side of your nose to under your eyes, from your temple to your parotid gland, and spread the oil.
[2] Apply from the center of the face outward, using both hands symmetrically, in the following order.
1. Chin to ear
2. Below the nose to the side of the ear
3. Side of nose to temple
4. Under the eyes ~ temple
5. Nose to eyebrow
6. From forehead to both temples
[3] Apply with both hands as if you wrap the whole face.


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