ITRIM Elementary Skin Cream 35g


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The true value of <ITRIM>, aging care cream that has been carefully selected.

  • The rich and rich texture with 6 kinds of vegetable oils blends into the skin and gives a feeling of moisture and firmness.
  • Firmly approaches the skin while giving off a pleasant fragrance.
  • Care according to age

How to use

Usage guideline: Pearl 1-2 grain size

  • Using a spatula, take an appropriate amount on the back of your hand and gently touch it with your fingertips.

[1] Place it on the skin in order from the part you care about.
[2] Using both hands, use the same movement from side to side to slowly and carefully extend and spread it over the entire face.
[3] Wrap the entire face with both hands and let it fit firmly.
Lastly, apply the cream left on your finger to the area below the ear to the clavicle.


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