ITRIM Elementary Skin Emulsion 75ml


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  • A skin emulsion that wraps in a fresh and mellow texture.
  • Prescription using plenty of plants approaches the skin to concentrate.
  • Enhancing the satisfaction of care while being wrapped in a sensual scent
  • For glossy skin with transparency.

How to use 

Estimated amount of usage: 1 swing on 1 piece of cotton / 2 pieces of cotton on the entire face

  • Please use the cotton so that it is gently pressed against the skin.
  • If you slide the cotton on the skin, the fibers of the natural material may remain on the skin.

[1] Put cotton under your left and right eyes (from the side of your nose to your cheeks), move it to your temples and let it stand still before starting.
[2] With the image that the emulsion is finely placed on the skin over the entire face, gently press the cotton on both hands. With the same movement from side to side, gently apply pressure from jaw to ear, mouth corner to ear, under nose, nose to temple, eyebrow to forehead in this order. Finally, apply the temples from the center of the forehead and apply from top to bottom until it fits on your neck.
[3] Wrap the entire face with both hands and let it fit firmly.


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