Itrim Face Care Powder Ouka 11g 植萃馥润清透蜜粉/Ouka樱花色号


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ITRIM original ingredient made by carefully collecting the petals of Satozakura (Oka) powder and oil type extract derived from chlorella strain collected from a tributary of Niyodo River in Kochi Prefecture are combined to skin care the skin during the day. powder.
The gentle pink color gives a soft and soft impression to adult skin, which tends to be reddish.

■ Contents: 11g
■ Color: Ouka
■ How to use
● Since the puff contains powder firmly, even if it is applied once, it will have a smooth and highly adherent finish.
● Do not use the puff to slide it sideways or tap it.
● Be careful when adding powder to the puff as it is a little easy to fly due to fine particles.
1. Lightly place on areas of concern such as redness and acne on the face.
2. Fold the puff in half and apply it carefully to small areas such as the nose and around the eyes.
3. Apply to the entire face from the inside to the outside.






ITRIM エレメンタリー フェイスケアパウダー Ouka|ITRIM|【meeco】三越伊勢丹化粧品オンラインストア近鉄百貨店ネットショップ|〈ITRIM〉エレメンタリー フェイスケアパウダー Ouka(Ouka): 販売中近鉄百貨店ネットショップ|


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