JA FOODS Kabosu Juice 日本JA FOODS 果粒果汁饮料 (青柠橘子味) 200ml


JA FOODS Kabosu Juice

A recommended product that uses kabosu fruit juice from Oita. Prefecture and has a refreshing taste that is easy to drink!

Finished with a refreshing kabosu scent and summer tangerine grains with honey added! When you take a sip, the refreshing flavor of kabosu spreads out. Even if you don't like the harsh taste of kabosu juice, don't worry! Over the years, the squeezing technology has improved and we are now able to squeeze out the original delicious juice from kabosu.

日本JA FOODS 果粒果汁饮料 (青柠橘子味)

使用大分县产青柠橘子果汁的推荐商品。 县级,具有清爽的口感,易于饮用!
带有清爽的青柠味和添加了蜂蜜的夏季橘子! 当你喝一口时,青柠的清爽味道就会蔓延开来。 即使您不喜欢青柠汁的刺鼻味道,也不必担心! 这些年来,压榨技术不断进步,现在我们已经能够从青柠榨出原汁原味的美味果汁了。


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