JA FOODS Mandarin Orange Juice 日本JA FOODS 果粒果汁饮料 (橘子味) 200ml


JA FOODS Mandarin Orange Juice

This product uses Unshu mandarin orange juice.

The grains of Unshu mandarin orange add an accent to the deliciousness and texture, making it an addictive flavor. The "Tsukuna Mican" is a new product from the Oita specialty Kabbos.
Kabbos are citrus trees known as citrus aromatic, with a tarty and refreshing flavor. Oita Prefecture has the highest production capacity of cabochs in Japan, and 97% is produced in Oita Prefecture.

日本JA FOODS 果粒果汁饮料 (橘子味)


温州柑橘的颗粒增添了美味和口感,使其味道令人上瘾。 “Tsukuna Mican”是大分特产Kabbos的新产品。
卡博斯(Kabbos)是柑橘树,被称为柑橘芳香,具有酸味和清爽的味道。 大分县的凸圆面产能为日本最高,97%产于大分县。


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