JAPAN GALS Pure 5 Essence Mask Premium Line Series (20pcs) 日本 格儿丝 面膜


Pure Five Essence Mask Whitening 

This whitening serum, combined with the active ingredient of water-soluble placenta extract, is absorbed by the epidermis for translucent, hydrated, whiter skin. Dripping with medicated whitening serum, use of these masks will also help in preventing skin spots and freckles caused by the sun as well as breakouts and acne.

  • Made out of thick, softly woven cotton that feels superb on skin
  • Tightly adheres and stays on the skin
  • Dripping with medicated whitening serum

Pure Five Essence Mask Collagen 

plenty of moisturizing narrowing collagen fibers woven made from collagen 

  • collagen fiber sheet 
  • thick collagen essence 
  • moisturizing



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