Jayjun Cosmetic Intensive Blooming 1-Step Mask 10pc/box 韩国捷俊密集焕亮三效合一面膜 10枚/盒


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Product Feature:

Cherry Blossom Mask for skin that glows brightly like flowers blooming with the vitality of cherry blossom that burst in the early spring. Provide bright vitality and nutrition to dry, dull skin with this freshly moisturizing floral-infused care.

Cerulata Cherry Blossom Extract is full of nutrients with various vitamins and minerals to make the skin clear and bright. The nourishing moisture coating is provided by the ceramide and beta-glucan that creates a water-tight moisture barrier. 

How to Use:

After cleansing your face, take out the sheet mask and apply it evenly to the entire face. Remove it after 10-20 minutes, and lightly tap the remaining essence on the skin for absorption.



搭配水润服帖的铜氨纤维面膜贴,利用3种发酵提取物Bio Polymer使提高肌肤保湿效果并抑制水分蒸发。富含各种维生素和矿物质的营养成分,且神经酰胺和β-葡聚糖为肌肤形成了水润的屏障。令肌肤焕发出明亮的光彩,就像花朵在初春时节绽放的樱花的活力。





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