JillStuart Everyday Bright UV Protector Fragrance Spray SPF50 + PA ++++ 日本JillStuart 防晒喷雾SPF50 + PA ++++ 60g


Jill Stuart Everyday Bright UV Protector Fragrance Spray SPF50 + PA ++++ 

When you are concerned about UV rays, you can use it anytime, anywhere, even upside down. SPF50 + / PA ++++ sunscreen spray that protects not only the face but also hard-to-reach areas such as hair, back, nape and instep.

  • A new formulation of active aloe extract that protects the skin from
    UV damage In addition, the moisturizing ingredients of the bounty of flowers and fruits moisturize and finish the skin with a transparent feeling.
  • A pure and sweet scent like a bouquet of pure white flowers wraps softly, and it is refreshing like wearing a light fragrance.
  • If you apply it to your hair in advance, the fragrance effect will prevent you from getting an unpleasant odor.
  • Contains sweat / sebum absorbing powder that keeps skin that tends to be sticky due to sweat and sebum smooth.

How to Use:
Shake well before using. Spray about 10 cm from your skin and hair and spread evenly. (It can also be used upside down.) If you want to use it on your face, put it on your palm once and then spread it little by little. It will not turn white, so apply it to your skin so that you do not forget to apply it.

    *Made in Japan

    日本Jill Stuart 防晒喷雾SPF50 + PA ++++ 

    日本Jill Stuart SPF50 + / PA ++++的防晒喷雾,不仅可以抗紫外线保护面部,还可以保护头发、背部、颈背和脚背等难以触及的区域。

    • 新配方采用活性芦荟提取物,可保护皮肤免受
    • 清甜如一束纯白花朵般的清香被温柔包裹着,又如披着淡淡的清香般沁人心脾。
    • 提前将它涂抹在头发上,香味效果会防止你闻到难闻的气味。
    • 含有汗液/皮脂吸收粉末,可保持因汗液和皮脂而容易发粘的皮肤光滑。

    使用前摇匀。喷在距离皮肤和头发约 10 厘米的地方,然后均匀涂抹。 (也可以倒着使用。)如果你想在脸上使用它,把它放在手掌上一次,然后一点一点地涂抹。它不会变白,所以将它涂抹在您的皮肤上,这样您就不会忘记涂抹它。



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