JMsolution The Natural Sea Grape Moisturizing Mask 10pcs/box 肌司研 天然海葡萄保湿面膜 10片/盒


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JMsolution The Natural Sea Grape Moisturizing Mask

Jm Solution The Natural Sea Grape Mask Moisture is a mask with sea grape extract that has high moisturizing and nourishing properties, stimulates the production of collagen in cells, improves blood circulation, and removes toxins. The mask will give the skin elasticity, firmness, firmness, healthy radiance, evens out the color and texture of the skin. The extract of sea grapes (brown algae) stimulates the synthesis of collagen fibers and laminin-5 - a glycoprotein from which the main membrane of the epidermis is built. Sea grapes enhance blood circulation, actively remove toxins from the skin, have an antiseptic effect and increase immunity. Plant extracts and allantoin have a strong bactericidal effect, actively fight inflammation, regulate excessive sebum secretion, narrow enlarged pores and improve complexion. 

How to Use

Remove the mask from the package. Then place the mask on the surface of cleansed, toned skin and leave for 15-20 minutes. Gently remove the mask and massage lightly to absorb the moisturizing serum. Does not require rinsing.

肌司研 天然海葡萄保湿面膜

高保湿和滋养特性,可刺激细胞中胶原蛋白的产生,改善血液循环,并去除毒素。面膜将赋予皮肤弹性,紧致,紧致,健康光泽,均匀肤色和质地。海葡萄(褐藻)提取物刺激胶原纤维和层粘连蛋白 5 的合成 - 一种糖蛋白,表皮的主要膜由该糖蛋白构成。海葡萄促进血液循环,积极排除皮肤毒素,具有防腐作用,提高免疫力。植物提取物和尿囊素具有很强的杀菌作用,积极抗炎,调节皮脂分泌过多,缩小粗大毛孔,改善肤色。


从包装中取出面膜。然后将面膜放在清洁、调理过的皮肤表面,静置 15-20 分钟。轻轻取下面膜并轻轻按摩以吸收保湿精华。不需要冲洗。


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