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John's Blend Body Soap (White Musk) 日本John's Blend香氛沐浴露 (白麝香) 460ml


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John's Blend Body Soap (White Musk) 

  • A body soap richly scented with Johns Blen's signature aroma.
  • A refreshing sweet white musk scent.
  • Contains moisturizing ingredients that lather with a soap base and remove bubbles easily, and won't make your skin feel tight after a bath.

White musk: Refreshingly sweet white musk scent A
white musk scent that combines the freshness of sapon and the subtle sweetness of white floral.

How to Use
Add an appropriate amount to a towel or sponge dampened with hot water, create a lather, then wash, then rinse.


日本John's Blend香氛沐浴露 (白麝香)

  • 散发着约翰·布伦 (Johns Blen) 标志性香气的浓郁香味的沐浴露。
  • 清新甜美的白麝香香味。
  • 含有保湿成分,与皂基一起起泡,轻松去除泡沫,沐浴后不会让您的皮肤感到紧绷。




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