John's Blend

John's Blend Car Fragrance Bottle Clip Diffuser (Black Musk) 日本JOHN’S BLEND 汽車扩香瓶夾 (黑麝香) 18ml


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John's Blend Car Fragrance Bottle Clip Diffuser (Black Musk)

A clip-type diffuser with John's special scent, which is scented for car fragrance while keeping the concentrated fresh aroma oil as it is. Simply attach it to the air conditioner louver, and the pleasant scent spreads inside the car as the air blows.

Black Musk:The simple and charming black musk softly envelops the sensual sweet and sour of fresh berries, and exudes a mysterious and charming oriental fragrance in the delicate.

Fragrance duration:About 1-2 mounths

Size: W105 × D45 × H105mm


  1. Attach clip parts to glass bottle
  2. Take off lid of glass bottle then close another lid with absorption wick.
  3. Place bottle by using clips at louvers of air conditioner in the car
  4. Once the air conditioner starts, it will diffuse pleasing aroma. 

日本JOHN’S BLEND 汽車扩香瓶夾 (黑麝香)


使用John's Blend 经典香味浓缩芳香油。只需将其安装夹在空调叶扇上,就可以运用气流散发出令人愉悦的气味




  1. 将夹子部件安装到玻璃瓶上
  2. 取下玻璃瓶的盖子,然后用吸收灯芯关闭另一个盖子。
  3. 使用夹子将瓶子放在车内空调的百叶窗上
  4. 空调一启动,就会散发出令人愉悦的香气。 

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