John's Blend

John's Blend Clip-on Air Freshener (Musk Blossom) 日本JOHN’S BLEND 车用芳香剂 (櫻花麝香)


John's Blend Clip-on Air Freshener (Musk Blossom)

Japan’s 47-year-old fragrance brand,

European and American design combines Japanese elegance to create a classic,

The main focus is to summarize the whole with a simple aromatic promise,

Seeking a simple feeling without relying on patterns and colors,

The product uses natural plant extracts as deodorizing ingredients.

Can instantly erase bad odors,

Japanese fragrance blends into life, savoring every day of life.

John’s Blend car fragrance

The air-conditioning outlet clip-on diffuser uses John’s Blend classic scented concentrated aromatic oil.

Simply attach it to the air conditioner fan and use the airflow to emit pleasant scents.

Musk Blossom|Car Fragrance|Sakura Musk

Fragrance: Elegant and comfortable, the light floral fragrance softens the soul.

Ingredients: Fragrance mixture, PE tablets

Capacity: about 45g

Country of Origin: Thailand

Scope of application: clip-on air outlet

Fragrance lasts: about 1 month (varies depending on environment and usage)

Shelf life: 3 years

How to use:

1. Take out the fragrance ring from the aluminum bag and put it into the circular holder

2. Replace the cap of the fragrance body and tighten it, then snap the air outlet clip into the latch.

3. Clip the fragrance to the fan outlet in the car and use it

日本JOHN’S BLEND 车用芳香剂  (櫻花麝香)


冷气出风口夹式扩散香,使用John’s Blend 经典香味浓缩芳香油。


Musk Blossom|车用芳香剂|樱花麝香


成分: 香味混合物、PE片

容量: 约45g

原产地: 泰国

适用范围: 可夹式出风口

香味可持续: 约1个月(因环境与使用状况而异)



1. 将铝袋中之香氛环取出放入圆形固定器内

2. 盖回芳香剂主体盖子旋紧再将出风口夹卡入卡鎨

3. 将芳香剂夹于车内风扇出口处即可使用


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