John's Blend

John's Blend Shampoo (Musk Blossom) 日本JOHN’S BLEND 麝香樱花清香洗发水 460g


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John's Blend Shampoo (Musk Blossom) 

Musk Blossom Scent The fresh sweetness of cherry blossoms and the softness of musk make you think of the cheerful spring weather.
A conditioner with a gentle formula that contains plenty of John's Blend's signature aroma.

  • Gently cleanses the scalp and hair with rich, elastic foam, charging each hair with moisture.
  • 5 types of vegetable oils, 5 types of plant extracts, and 13 types of amino acids add shine and moisture to your hair, leading to moist, fragrant, glossy hair.

How to Use

After thoroughly wetting your hair and scalp with shampoo, take an appropriate amount in your hands and gently massage the shampoo into your hands. Rinse thoroughly afterwards.

*Made in Japan

日本JOHN’S BLEND 麝香樱花清香洗发水

麝香花香 樱花的清新香甜和麝香的柔和,让人想起春天的明媚气息。
这款护发素配方温和,富含约翰布伦 (John's Blend) 的标志性香气。

  • 用丰富、富有弹性的泡沫轻轻清洁头皮和头发,为每根头发补充水分。
  • 5种植物油、5种植物提取物和13种氨基酸为您的头发增添光泽和水分,带来湿润、芬芳、有光泽的头发。


用洗发水彻底润湿头发和头皮后,取适量于手中,将洗发水轻轻按摩至手中。 之后彻底冲洗。



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