&. Joliee Gel Fragrance [2 Types]

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Blue Reve Muguet Gel Fragrance

A gel fragrance that mildly spreads its scent by your body temperature. Bright and clear fragrance of the cleanliness of lilies of the valley blooming under clear blue sky, with flush of refreshing scents of apples and fruity rose.

Cheri Blanc Floral Gel Fragrance

JOLIEE Gel Fragrance Cheri Blanc is light scent vanilla and floral, keeping it mystery yet elegant. This spray stays on cloth and skin easily and have a long-lasting scent.

Petit Amour Jasmine Gel Fragrance

Romantic fragrance of flowering lovely jasmines, accented with smooth scents of rose and lily that make it hard to resist the temptation to caress.


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