K-Palette 1DAY TATTOO Real 24hr Lasting Eye Pencil (Super Black) 日本K-Palette 持久长效双头眼线笔 (黑色)


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K-Palette 1DAY TATTOO Real 24hr Lasting Eye Pencil

Creamy 2mm pencil tip, easy to create smooth, natural eyeline. Come with sponge brush for smudging effect. 24 hours waterproof, sweat-proof, sebum-proof, 3 shades available.

A newly reformulated soft-tipped, retractable pencil that has been reformulated not only to be super water- and smudge-proof, but to be longer-lasting. Keeping the busy lifestyle in mind, a sponge tip has been included on the other end to help blend out the liner, or soften its sharpness, taking your look from casual daytime to nighttime playtime.

Also infused with beauty essences, you can be sure that your lashes are getting some TLC while you do your thing all day, every day.

日本K-Palette 持久长效双头眼线笔

2mm顺滑笔触,简单描绘自然眼线,附有海棉刷头,可塑造晕染眼线。 24小时防水,防汗,防油脂,全3色。

新配方的软头可伸缩铅笔,经过重新配方,不仅超级防水、防污,而且更持久。 考虑到忙碌的生活方式,另一端配有海绵头,可帮助晕染衬里,或软化其锐度,让您的造型从白天休闲变成夜间玩耍。



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