K-Palette 1DAY TATTOO Real Lasting Eyeliner 24HWP (02 Bitter Brown) 日本K-Palette 完美持久防水眼线液 (02 茶黑色)


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K-Palette 1DAY TATTOO Real Lasting Eyeliner 24HWP

The new packaging with upgraded new technology and a new formula that combines “flexibility” and “high durability” to make your makeup more durable against sweat, sebum, etc.!

The cuteness of the morning continues until the evening -
Even the days of smiles. Even on days when you sweat.

Characteristics of color 
Original "skin tone color" that combines "ease of use" and "stylish" color tone

The colors are subdued and harmonious with the skin tone,
creating a stylish finish that doesn't make the lines you draw look too sharp.
It doesn't look artificial, it gives a relaxed look and makes your eyes stand out.

Hybrid TATTOO FILM that won't ruin your morning beauty 
A new formula that combines flexibility to fit your facial expressions and high durability.The moment you apply it, it adheres perfectly and stays in place without falling off.

Characteristics of the brush
Blends several types of brushes with different thicknesses and hardnesses in a unique ratio. An original "blending brush" that allows you to draw the edges and curves of your eyelashes as you wish.

*Made in Japan

日本K-Palette 完美持久防水眼线液



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