Kai 贝印

Kai Beauty Care Hot Eyelash Curler [2 Colors] 贝印 电热烫睫毛器 (红色/粉色)


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Collaboration with makeup artist & hair stylist Akemi Nakano. This hot eyelash curler is the choice for those who want beautiful eyelashes. KAI Heated Eyelash Curler creates a sweeping, deep, natural curl for hard to curl lashes. Unlike traditional curlers that can pinch or break lashes with pressure, this heated eyelash curler lifts and curls the lashes with heat. Use this before mascara. By pressing the heat panel at the base of the lashes, you can create natural-looking, radial eyelashes. You can see the ON/OFF button easily, it comes in a compact pop-up form that folds in half, and comes with a small pouch to store it in. It only needs a single AAA battery, which is very easy to replace.

  • It is a dry cell type hot eyelash curler that is packed with the commitment to get the beautiful eyelashes that professionals demand, jointly developed by Akemi Nakano & Kai.
  • Natural radial eyelashes can be made by pressing a new heat panel against the root of the eyelashes.
  • Also, the eyelashes are not damaged and beautiful curls continue throughout the day.


Turn on the power by pressing the button. Allow 1 minute for the heating element to warm up and then gently press the safety guard against the lashes.


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