Kai 贝印

KAI Can Bubble Eyebrow Razor 3pc 貝印 眉毛刮刀 3支


KAI Can Bubble Eyebrow Razor

The "can" series of disposable razors for women has been reborn in pale pastel tones. It uses a skin-friendly film guard, and the handle has a layered style with a non-slip bubble pattern. L-shaped type with compact blade width for eyebrows and face.

Size: length 132 x width 12 x height 6mm

*Made in Japan

貝印 眉毛刮刀

“can”系列女士一次性剃须刀以淡雅柔和的色调重生。 它采用亲肤膜护罩,手柄采用分层式设计,带有防滑气泡图案。 L 型,刀刃宽度紧凑,适用于眉毛和脸部。




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