KOBAKO Nail Care Cloth 12pcs 日本贝印 多层十字卸甲棉 12枚入


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Product Feature:

Instantly sweep up and wipe off the softened loose cuticle.
This cloth is made with special fabric that catches even the finest of detritus.
It is a wiping cloth that whisks away the elements that cause blemishes after you have loosened them with the Cuticle Remover and Cuticle Pusher. Wrap it around your index finger or thumb and rub it in circles over the softened loose cuticle on the surface of your nail to sweep it away. You can also dab it with polish remover to easily take off hard-to-remove dark nail polish and fine lame.
It can be used with or without water.
USAGE: Wrap the cloth around your index finger or thumb and rub away loose cuticles from the nail surface to which cuticle remover was applied.
Use nail polish remover to easily remove nail color and lame.
If you feel the cloth is dirty, replace it with a new one.
选用了擦拭效果极佳的特殊纤维,再小的污渍也不放过。该产品用于清理角质软化剂及角质推清除下来的多余角质。蘸取适量角质软化剂使用,可以简单清除深色指甲油及含闪光片的指甲油。干湿两用, 12片装。

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