Kai 贝印

KAI Grip Breath Set Comb 1pc 贝印 尖尾梳打毛造型梳子


・ The finger rest of the thick handle has a non-slip protruding part, making it easy to grasp and easy to operate.

How to use: 
Combination resistant to the hot air of the dryer because it uses resin with excellent heat resistance.
The tip of a thin handle is useful for hair arrangement such as dividing and blocking hair.

・ Store in a safe place out of the reach of children.
・ If hot air from the dryer is applied to the comb for a long time, it may be deformed.
・ Because it has chemical resistance, it can be used for hair styling and hair dyeing solutions, but it does not withstand all chemicals.
In addition, after use, please remove hair styling and severe dirt left on the comb immediately with lukewarm water.

Body: Polyacetal resin Heat resistant temperature: Approx. 150 ° C








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