KAIKA Marula Oil Repair Treatment Hair Oil 日本 KAIKA 马鲁拉油修护发油 100ml


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KAIKA Marula Oil Repair Treatment Hair Oil

  • Hair oil containing marula oil, olive squalane, and 11 kinds of amino acids. Marula oil, which is extracted from the Marula tree, which survives the harsh environment of South Africa, has excellent moisturizing power. Hair oil containing such rare oil is M Repair Treatment.
  • Even though it's an oil, it doesn't feel sticky! By using fine-grained marula oil, it is a hair oil, but it is smooth and comfortable to wear.
  • Firmly repairs high damage. Also supports damaged hair due to coloring and bleaching! Firmly repairs and invites to moist and manageable hair. It is also recommended for those who are worried about hair troubles such as the following! 
    • Split ends・Damaged hair ・Damage due to coloring ・I want to keep dyeing
  • Salon-quality hair oil that you can easily use at home! Kaika M Repair Treatment was planned and developed by Charisma Hair & Makeup, who has handled the hair of more than 10,000 customers. We aimed to create a product that is affordable yet offers high quality like a salon. You can continue salon-quality hair care at home.
  • A big hit with word of mouth! The CAICA series has been loved by everyone, and 800,000 units have been sold by word of mouth. In addition, due to its popularity, it has been sold at 10,000 stores nationwide.

How to Use

1. After shampooing, towel dry,

Push an appropriate amount of hair oil onto your palm.

*For medium hair, use 2 pushes as a guide, and be careful not to apply too much.

2. Spread the hair oil on both hands and apply it to the inside of the hair.

Apply all over, avoiding the roots.

3. Dry with a hair dryer and finish 

(You can also use it on dry hair.)

日本 KAIKA 马鲁拉油修护发油

  • 含有马鲁拉油、橄榄角鲨烷和11种氨基酸的发油。 从在南非恶劣环境中存活下来的马鲁拉树中提取的马鲁拉油具有出色的保湿力。 含有这种稀有油的发油就能修护秀发。
  • 虽然是油,但一点都不黏腻! 通过使用细粒马鲁拉油,使用起来顺滑舒适。
  • 牢固修复高伤害。 还支持因染色和漂白而受损的头发! 坚定地修复和保湿湿润,易处理的头发。 推荐给担心以下头发问题的人!
    • 多分叉・头发受损・染发受损・想继续染
  • 可在家中轻松使用的沙龙品质发油! Kaika 护发产品是由为超过 10,000 名顾客处理头发的 Charisma Hair & Makeup 策划和开发的。 我们的目标是创造一种价格实惠但质量上乘的产品,就像沙龙一样。 您可以在家中继续进行沙龙品质的头发护理。
  • 口碑爆棚! KAIKA系列一直深受大家喜爱,口碑销量已达80万台。 此外,由于它的受欢迎程度,它已在全国 10,000 家商店销售。










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