Kanebo ALLIE Extra UV Perfect Lotion SPF50 PA++++ 嘉娜宝 ALLIE 防水保湿防晒乳霜 60ml


Sunscreen Gel with Kanebo's new "Friction proof" Technology for Durable Effect. 

Recommended for Outdoor Activities
Protects the face from UV damages while helping your makeup to stay longer

  • The NEW "Friction Proof" Technology provides a long-lasting adherence to the skin, even with frictions from daily activities or in presence of sweat or water

  • The Deep UV Damage Barrier Technology "ADVAN" provides a powerful protection against UVA & UVB rays while leaving the skin comfortable and replenished

  • Leaves the skin smooth, moist and protected from dryness as it contains a blend of Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen
  • Easily removed by facial wash with soap
  • For the face and body
  • Paraben-Free
  • 強效耐汗、耐水、耐摩擦,不易脱落,不粘腻,清爽防晒乳液,守护肌肤。终极耐汗耐水「Super Water Proof」、耐摩擦「Friction Proof」,双重防护,实现不易脱落效果。加入精华素成分,一塗完美守护全身肌肤。日本KANEBO嘉娜宝 ALLIE 防水保湿防晒乳霜SPF50+PA+++ 60ml 2018新品清爽防晒不油腻日本KANEBO嘉娜宝 ALLIE 防水保湿防晒乳霜SPF50+PA+++ 60ml 2018新品清爽防晒不油腻

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