Kanebo 嘉娜宝

KANEBO Comfort Stretchy Wash Kit 嘉娜宝 黑管精华洗面奶套装


Kanebo Comfort Stretchy Wash Kit

Here comes the special edition of the bestselling powder wash with added black charcoal powder! It helps to remove excessive sebum and old dull skin cells for a smooth and acne-free complexion, which is especially suitable for men!

Product Features:
• Removing blemishes: with charcoal extract and clay ingredients, excessive sebum and impurities are removed to minimize pores and prevent acne skin.
• Improving skin complexion: with active enzyme agents, old dull skin cells are removed for a smooth complexion and promoting effects of the subsequent skincare.
• Mild formula: free from fragrance and colorant, dense and rich lather is formed easily without tightening skin. With individual packaging, this face wash is convenient to use anytime and anywhere.

*Made in Japan

嘉娜宝 黑管精华洗面奶套装

有助溶解油脂、吸附污及清走老废角质,改善粗糙及瑕疵问题,泡沫细腻, 洗后皮肤柔软细致,男生也适用哦!

• 酵素粉加水可轻易揉搓出浅灰色绵密泡沫,用感舒适,洗走干燥紧绷,用后肌肤清爽洁净,同时有助增加对后续护肤品的吸收力。
• 添加皮脂清除复合成分,包括木炭成分、摩洛哥溶岩泥及月桂酸钾,有助清洁肌肤多余皮脂,改善粗大毛孔。
• 蕴含洁净蛋白酵素、洁净皮脂酵素以及氨基酸类洁净成分,共同溶解及洗走皮肤的老旧角质,改善粗糙肤质及瑕疵等问题,让肌肤变得清爽柔滑。
• 颗装洗面粉使用量明确,更卫生方便,在外出通勤或旅行时携带及使用也很便利。



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