KANEBO FREEPLUS Mild Moisture Soap 200ML 净润洗颜泡沫


A soap that develops fine bubbles that envelop the skin to wash away impurities smoothly while protecting the skin from dryness.

<How to Use>

At the beginning of use, please push the pump several times until the contents come out after removing the stopper. After wetting the face in advance, take an appropriate amount in the palm, wash the whole face with plenty of foam, then rinse thoroughly. In particular, please rinse carefully the hairline and chin portion of the hair which is likely to leave bubbles.


  • 按压式设计,柔软细腻的洗面泡沫,便于洗净肌肤。
  • 温和去除老化角质及暗沉,打造柔软滋润的肌肤。
  • 配合水解蚕丝,充分锁住易干燥肌肤的滋润。
  • 严格选取不给肌肤添加负担的优质而低刺激的原料。



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