KANEBO FREEPLUS Mild Soap 100G 净润洗面霜


A mild cleanser with silk-like texture and it is easy to create delicate foam by rubbing. It gently remove the clogged pores with dirt, excess sebum and dead skin cells to clean the skin, leaving skin feeling clean, fresh and hydrated with adding moisturizing ingredients.

Product Features:
Enriched with 6 Chinese and Japanese herbal extracts, maintaining moisture without harming the skin’s barrier.
It has a good foaming ability and can easily form creamy and fluffy foam. The rich foam acts like a soft cushion to reduce friction and irritation caused by the washing action.
A weak acid facial cleanser which does not contain Paraben, alcohol, fragrance, colourings, mineral oil and UV absorbers.

How to use
Morning and evening, take an appropriate amount (approx. 2g) of the product and make lather on the hand. Rub gently on the face and wash off with warm water.


  • 弱酸性的丰富泡沫包裹肌肤,清除肌理间的污垢,洗净后肌肤柔软滋润。
  • 配合保湿成分,充分保护易干燥肌肤的滋润,打造健康角质层。
  • 严格选取不给肌肤添加负担的优质而低刺激的原料。




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