KANEBO FREEPLUS Moist Care Emulsion I 100ML 保湿修护清爽乳液


Keeps the layers of the skin smooth and filled with moisture for beautiful skin texture.

Type I – Refresh Type

Enriched with 6 Chinese and Japanese herbal extracts, Nicotinic Acid B and Serine 120 which can penetrate thoroughly into deep stratum corneum. It helps to replenish the moisture of skin cells and prevent moisture loss, leaving your skin moist, plump and soft.

Product Features:
- Fresh and non-greasy texture.
- To achieve balanced skin.
- A weak acid emulsion which does not contain Paraben, alcohol, fragrance, colourings, mineral oil and UV absorbers.

How to use:
After cleansing and toning, apply appropriate amount of this milk on face. Gently massage into skin until it is completely absorbed.


  • 保湿修护清爽乳液有着如薄纱般轻盈的使用感,肌肤爽润不粘腻。保湿修护柔润乳液有着丰盈醇厚的使用感,易干燥的肌肤也可保持柔软滋润的状态。
  • 在角质层紧紧锁住水分,令每一寸肌理都水润饱满。
  • 蕴含 6种和汉植物萃取精华及烟酸B,调养肌肤至安定平衡的健康状态。
  • 严格选取不给肌肤添加负担的优质而低刺激的原料。




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