Kanebo Kate Crushed Diamond Eyes Duo Eyeshadow 2.2g [4 Types] 嘉娜宝 璀鑽幻光眼影盒 [4款选择]

  • With large glitter Eyes studded with the shine of a diamond made with polarized pearls.
  • Two sparkling colors, "Glitter Diamond Color", which has a large grain and impressive color, and "Aurorize Diamond Color", a fine grain that emits beautiful colors and light.
  • Even if it is a single color or overlaps, you can make the eyes shining freely.

How to use: 

  • (1) Apply an aurized diamond color to your finger or tip and lightly spread it over the entire upper eyelid.
  • (2) Apply glitter diamond color to the finger or tip, and shine through the eye hole from the eye opening.
  • * It is recommended to apply "Kate the Eye Color Base" before use.
  • * If the chips become dirty, wash them gently with lukewarm water diluted with a neutral detergent, rinse thoroughly, drain with a towel, etc., and be sure to dry the shade.






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