Kanebo 嘉娜宝

Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Black Powder Wash 15pcs 嘉娜宝 黑炭泥净透酵素洗颜粉 15枚


Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Black Powder Wash

A high performance enzymatic cleansing powder containing charcoal, Moroccan lava clay, potassium lauric acid to remove old dead cells & dissolve excessive sebum from your face, leaving your skin clear & moist. Add little water to powder to make foam. 

Effective cleaning: rich foam wraps the skin, deeply cleans pores and dirt;
Smooth and tender: dual enzymes, smoothing rough and constricting large pores;
Elastic skin: locks the skin's moisture to create elastic and moisturized skin;
Only portable belt: independent packaging, carry it as you like, no need to worry about traveling on business.

The delicate foam gently cleanses the skin,
Two yeast ingredients break down old keratin and excess sebum,
Wash the face powder to make the skin soft.
Can remove blackheads and keratin
Improve dull and rough skin, enlarged pores, adult acne and acne
It is also suitable for dry and dehydrated skin, the skin is smooth and not tight after washing

How to Use
1) After moistening the face, pour out a small box of cleansing powder, mix thoroughly with a little water, and massage evenly on the face.

2) After a while, rinse off with water, and then apply lotion and lotion.

*The amount of face wash can be divided into two or three times according to personal use situation! Use it about 2 times a week.



Suisai黑炭泥净透酵素粉首加入皮脂吸附复合成分( 炭粉、摩洛哥熔岩矿泥),不含香料、香精,更不担心黑炭给人过度清洁印象,首推单包装15颗黑酵素尝鲜,小小一颗携带方便,是洗颜界的黑曜石,细致的炭粉泡沫,快速洗净肌肤疲惫、油腻等负面肌印象,大力推荐给因烦恼肌肤黏腻感的男女顾客,同时解缓到了下午额头、脸上慢慢冒出的油光,献给梦想拥有清爽肌的你。



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