Kao 花王

KAO 8x4 Aroma Switch Spray (Manhattan Linen) 花王 8x4 Aroma Switch 止汗除臭喷雾 (曼哈顿亚麻) 150g


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KAO 8x4 Aroma Switch Spray (Manhattan Linen)

Sterilizes and keeps you from sweating all day. The scent re-scents every time you sweat.When you sweat with functional perfume, a fresh scent bursts out and wraps you up.

Firmly blocks sweat and odor

  • Contains antiperspirant ingredient (zinc oxide mixture V)
  • Contains antibacterial ingredient (isopropylmethylphenol) to prevent odor
  • Contains deodorizing ingredient (deodorizing green tea essence)
  • Contains sebum-adsorbing powder (base)
  • Recommended for armpits and decollete and back where stickiness is
  • a  concern. A fragrance inspired by the happy moment of receiving a bouquet from a loved one. 
  • Anti- perspirant deodorant spray containing essential oil (in fragrance) Efficacy: Skin sweat odor, armpit odor, anti-perspirant (quasi-drug)

Manhattan Linen
Fresh iris with white musk accents.
A scent inspired by a morning in the city where you wake up wrapped in freshly washed sheets.
Essential oil blend (in fragrance)

How to Use
Before use, shake the container diagonally, hold it at least 10 cm away from your skin, and spray an appropriate amount.

*Made in Japan

花王 8x4 Aroma Switch 止汗除臭喷雾 (曼哈顿亚麻)

杀菌并让您一整天都不会出汗。 每次出汗时,香味都会重新散发出来。当您使用功能性香水出汗时,清新的香味就会迸发出来,将您包裹起来。


  • 含有止汗成分(氧化锌混合物V)
  • 含有抗菌成分(异丙基甲基苯酚),防止异味
  • 含有除臭成分(除臭绿茶精华)
  • 含有皮脂吸附粉(基底)
  • 推荐用于粘性较大的腋窝、肩部和背部
  • 关心。 这款香水的灵感源自收到爱人送来的花束的幸福时刻。
  • 含有精油的止汗除臭喷雾剂(香料中) 功效:皮肤汗臭、腋臭、止汗(准药品)



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