Kao 花王

KAO Attack Zero Laundry Detergent 花王 顽固去渍洗衣液 400g


KAO Attack Zero Laundry Detergent

Ultimate Hygienic Cleanliness with Attack Zero

  • Removes even stubborn invisible microscopic stains
  • Anti-stain technology*
  • Colour brilliance and whites restoration
  • Anti-bacterial formulation^
  • Made in Japan with plant-based ingredient (Bio-IOS)

*Prevents future stains from adhering to fabric fibres.
^Removes and inhibits the growth of odour causing germs and bacteria, preventing musty odours from sweat and indoor drying.

花王 顽固去渍洗衣液

洗衣进入了新的时代。 对难以洗掉的污垢,干臭,洗涤剂残留,零洗净做到零。反复洗的话效果更好,复苏衣服。 配合花王史上最高的洗净基剂生物IOS。渗透到纤维深处,吸附污垢,发挥高洗净力,难以吸附到纤维本身,让药剂自身与污垢一起脱落,所以纤维几乎不残留污垢和洗剂。


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