Kao 花王

KAO Megrhythm Back Pain Heating Pack 8pcs 花王 温感蒸汽热敷贴 8枚


KAO Megrhythm Back Pain Heating Pack

arming effect that helps with low back pain, shoulder pain, stomach pain,and knee pain. It can be attached and sticks to the stomach and intestines areas to promote gastrointestinal activities. The place where the body feels cold is often the affected part with poor blood circulation. After applying it, it promotes blood circulation in the affected part and relieves neuralgia and muscle pain. Use stretchable material, not easy to fall off.

Contains the warmth of the appropriate steam at about 40°C, which releases the tension and fatigue of the day of work and study, and comforts the body and mind.

The comfortable temperature can last for 5-8 hours.

Size: 17.3cm*9cm.

How to Use

1. It can be directly stick to the skin.
2. If it stick on clothes, etc., it is difficult to convey the steam temperature.

花王 温感蒸汽热敷贴


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