Kao 花王

KAO BIORE Foaming Paw Stamp Pump Hand Wash 花王 碧柔 貓爪除菌消毒泡沫洗手液 250ml


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BIORE Foaming Paw Stamp Pump Hand Wash

*New pump design perfect for children’s small hands!

Just push with the palm of your hand! Easy for anyone! Foam stamp hand soap with paw shape bubbles.

● Daily hand washing becomes fun and leads to enlightenment of children's hand washing.
● Contains bactericidal ingredients
● Fine bubbles decompose dirt. Cleanly removes bacteria and odors.

 How to Use
-Press the blue ring of the pump with the palm of your hand to create "paw" -shaped bubbles. increase.
(The point is to flatten your palm to get a clean shape.)
・ Push firmly all the way down to pick up the foam.
・ If you press the pump twice in a row, it will not be in a clean shape and bubbles will accumulate on the pump head.
・ At the beginning of use, it is necessary to press the air 3 to 4 times. Do not press it continuously, but press it once to check.
・ Spread an appropriate amount in your hand, wash it, and rinse it with water or hot water.

花王 碧柔 貓爪除菌消毒泡沫洗手液





  • 采用和肌肤相似的弱酸性洗手液。洗净同时给与容易干燥的手部皮肤,保护和滋润。 
  • 配合杀菌成分,能够有效消灭手上的细菌。 
  • 弱酸性,不会对手部肌肤产生伤害。 
  • 采用SPT皮肤清洁技术,洗护更加彻底。 
  • 温和的柑橘香味,同时不会有残留的香味。





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