Kao BIORE Makeup Cleansing Sheet With Oil (44 Sheets)


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  • A cleansing sheet that blends smooth oil, even if you do not rub, you can also drop mascara.
  • With a plenty of liquid ingredients formulated in the essence ingredients, it protects the moisture of the skin after removing the makeup and does not get stuck as it is.
  • Sheet surface material is 100% cotton.
  • It is a crispy skin friendly texture.
  • Hard to dry with sealing case
  • Moist rich 
  • No coloring and alcohol free.


How to Use: 


  • Wipe the makeup gently without rubbing strongly.
  • Use the sheet while folding so that it can be wiped with a clean surface. 
  • When nothing gets attached to the sheet, makeup removal is complete.
  • Use with a clean hand.
  • It is an approximate use of 1 or 2 sheets at one time.
  • You do not need to wash your face after wiping.
  • However, wash away if you are concerned about stickiness.
  • You can also clean it with a lotion, etc. as it is.
  • In order to prevent deterioration of quality due to drying, always close the container lid until it snaps after use.
  • Use as soon as possible after opening.
  • How to successfully remove mascara: Close your eyes and apply the sheet to your eyelash thoroughly for 5 to 6 seconds, let the liquid blend, then gently wipe it along the eyelashes.



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