Kao Biore U The Body Foam Soap (Healing Botanical) 花王 碧柔 U绵密泡沫沐浴乳 (治愈植物香) 540ml


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Kao Biore U The Body Foam Soap (Healing Botanical) 

  • Graduation from scrubbing for skin that tends to be dry for modern people !
  • Super-fine foam removes dirt without rubbing the skin.

3-layer mesh wide pump for fresh and healthy skin with horn standing fresh cream foam!
Plenty of fine bubbles 1.5 times more the amount than old version!
The wide-mouthed, easy-to-refill foam glides smoothly and absorbs dirt while maintaining the skin's moisture-retaining power.
Uses weakly acidic organic ingredients (part of the fragrance)

Refreshing healing botanical scent

花王 碧柔 U绵密泡沫沐浴乳 (治愈植物香)

  • 现代人容易干燥的皮肤擦洗!
  • 超细泡沫去除污垢而不摩擦皮肤。

3 层网眼宽泵,带鲜奶油泡沫,让肌肤清新健康!
大量的细气泡是旧版本的 1.5 倍!



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