Kao 花王

Kao Blaune Bubble Hair Color - Dark Brown


Only 3 pieces in stock!


  • 1 set (1 liquid: 40 ml, 2 liquid: 60 ml, repair treatment: 8 g, former cap, with gloves)
  • Foam type gray hair dyeing.
  • Because the foam spreads, there is no undyed back or inside! The foam turns into a cream just by rubbing it, so it adheres and penetrates without leaning even while left unattended. Dye gray hair deeply for even and beautiful hair color.
  • Smooth and moist texture dyed according to your fingers.
  • Contains hair protection ingredients (hydrolyzed silk liquid, soft lanolin fatty acid).
  • With repair treatment. For delicate hair after hair coloring. Repairs damaged cuticles and makes hair moisturized.
  • Never use if you have had itching, rash or redness due to hair color.
  • Semi-long hair (length from shoulder to armpit) 1 time. If you have a lot of hair, please prepare 2 boxes.
  • For whole dyeing (single-use type)
  • Leaving time 20 minutes

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