Kao 花王

Kao Blaune Bubble Hair Dye 5 Brown 花王白发专用 纯植物温和泡泡染发剂-棕色


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  • Foam type hair color suitable for whole dyeingA natural color formula that dyes gray and black hair beautifully with a transparent and natural finish.
  • Contains royal jelly extract (moisturizing ingredient), silk essence (hair protection ingredient), cuticle care ingredient (hair protection ingredient).
  • A prescription that suppresses the pungent odor.
  • With after-color hair pack.Semi-long hair (length from shoulder to armpit)
  • One-time use type: * 1 Hydrolyzed silk liquid* 2 Soft lanolin fatty acid

花王白发专用 纯植物温和泡泡染发剂-5号 棕色

6倍浓厚泡沫 质地棉厚不易滴落

强力附着 轻松覆盖 上色均匀





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