Curel 珂润

KAO Curel Moisture Eye Zone Essence 20g


Easy to use essence for around your eyes, for areas prone to drying out.
Contains eucalyptus extract and moisturizing ceramide to help moisturize the thin skin around your eyes.

  • The deep moisturizing formula boosts the concentration of moisture in skin, even around the thinner skin of the eye contour area.
  • Skin becomes supple, fully moisturized and resistant to external irritation.
  • Contains moisturizing agent that is derived from plants.
  • Milky gel texture spreads easily on sensitive eye contour area.

How to use:

  • A suitable amount (about 5 mm in one eye) is taken on the back of the hand, and divided into three places under the left and right eyes and the upper eyelid
  • Align the two middle fingers and medicine fingers gently with the pom-pong in the direction of the eyes from the inner corner.
  • Without drying, with two fingers, head to the eyes from the inner corner, spread evenly with light force.
  • Eye around, especially sensitive, be careful not to rub strongly.
  • Depressed parts such as the inner corner and eyes, and eyelids tend to forget the coloring.
  • Let's blend it gently with two fingers.
  • Pack Size - 20g



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