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KAO Liese Prettia Bubble Color- Airy Brown花王 LIESE PRETTIA 泡沫染发剂 #空气棕

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New & improved creamy foam! Liese’s improved foam sticks to the hair 4X* better, giving you a great and lasting hair color turnout!

Enjoy a rich and creamy hair coloring experience with the all-new Liese Creamy Bubble Color from Japan! Boasting an improved formula that promises rich and long-lasting color, Liese is taking its unique DIY hair coloring experience to a higher level with the Liese Creamy Bubble Color, an upgraded version of Liese Bubble Hair Color.

1. Kao Liese Hair Color Agent No. 1 40ml

2. Kao Liese Hair Color Agent No. 2 60ml

3. Pump head

4. Kao Prettia Treatment 4ml

5. Gloves

6. Instruction Manual 


Surfactant [20%, polyoxyethylene alkyl ether, linear alkylbenzene type], stabilizer (propylene glycol). 

How to use:

1. Add the No.1 Bottle into No.2 Bottle.
2. Cap the No.2 Bottle and shake well to mix the content.
3. Switch to the Foamer Cap (nozzle)
4. Squeeze the No.2 Bottle gently and apply the foam to your hand.
5. Apply the foam to your Dry Hair.
6. Massage your hair firmly and gently. *Make sure the foam is all over your hair.
7. Leave the foam on your hair for 20~30minutes.
8. Rinse off thoroughly.
9. Use the hair conditioner to coat your hair.

KAO Prettia Bubble Hair Color Airy Brown – ICHIMARU BEAUTY


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