Kao 花王

KAO Megrhythm Hot Gentle Steam Mask 3pcs (3 Types) 花王 保湿润泽蒸汽口罩



  • Kao MegRhythm Gentle Steam Face Mask is the only mask in the world to generate warm steam. Merely opening the pouch will relieve you with warm steam. The inside of the mask is moisturized. Perfect for bedtime when you have colds, cough spray, and dryness become problematic. 


  • Uses a steam sheet incorporated into the mask. Large amounts of steam moisturizes the inside of mask.
  • It heats up right away, so you can use it whenever you are concerned about dryness. Simple and convenient. 
  • 3D-shape for easy breathing, with soft-touch strings to relieve the strain on your ears. 

How to Use: 

  • Remove the mask from the pouch. 
  • Open the mask in the direction of the arrows.
  • Place over your mouth, and loop the strings around your ears. 



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