Liese 莉婕

Kao Liese Prettia Bubble Color # Soft Greige 日本花王 泡泡染发剂-榛子雾灰色


New & improved creamy foam!

Liese’s improved foam sticks to the hair 4X better, giving you a great and lasting hair color turnout. Enjoy a rich and creamy hair coloring experience with the all new Liese Creamy Bubble Color from Japan! Boasting an improved formula that promises rich and long-lasting color, Liese is taking its unique DIY hair coloring experience to a higher level with the Liese Creamy Bubble Color, an upgraded version of Liese Bubble Hair Color. 

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Official Information: (Japanese) (English)

P.S. Like all other hair coloring kits, to avoid allergy and/or damage to hairs, it is highly recommended to do 'skin test' 48 hours before hair colorings. Use at your own risk.


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