Kao 花王

KAO Success 24 Green Citrus Scalp Conditioner 花王 Success 24 男士去汗臭异味无硅油护发素 350ml


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KAO Success 24 Green Citrus Scalp Conditioner 

Reset your scalp odor with a scent created every time you sweat.
For people who are worried about smelly and sticky scalp during the day.
The "quick-drying aroma formula" eliminates the need to worry about odor and stickiness during the day.
The scent is created every time you sweat to reset scalp odor.*
Quick-dry hair to remove perspiration during the day.
Hair feels smooth and light on the fingers.
Pearl and synthetic colorant free.
Refreshing green citrus fragrance.
Recommended to be used with shampoo.


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