Kincho 金乌

KINCHO Insect Repellent Ring Bracelet (Blue Fruity Scent) 30pcs 金鸟 防蚊驱蚊手环 (蓝色水果香) 30条


Kincho Insect Repellent Ring Bracelet

A silicone bracelet that can be worn around the wrist or ankle to repel insects. This newly developed tender fragrance insect repellent can be worn like jewelry. For children and adults alike!

  • Insect repellent bracelet with a tender fragrance that repels insects
  • Elastic silicone patterned bracelet fits adult and children size
  • Wear 2-4 pieces around wrist or ankle for each use
  • Equally effective even when exposed to water
  • Contains no insecticides
  • Effect lasts for 12 hours
  • Scented
  • Contains 5 kinds of rings x 6 of each kind.

Recommended for 3+ years (even for babies, as long as child does not ingest it).

How to Use

  • Remove the ring from the inner bag contained in this bag, and return the inner bag to this bag after use.
  • Wear 2 to 4 pieces on your wrist or ankle before use.
  • In places where there are many insects, increase the number.
  • It is more effective when used by attaching it to both the wrist and ankle. For ants and fire ants, attach them to both ankles.
  • The effect lasts for about 12 hours. (However, the effect varies depending on the wind direction and usage environment, etc.)

Fragrance, Silicone rubber

Applicable pests: Chironomus, Psychodidae, Ants, Fire ants


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