Kiribai 桐灰

Kiribai Azuki Steam Neck Pillow Botanical Flower 桐灰 天然红豆舒热蒸汽加热肩贴


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For your worn out shoulders and neck; treat them to the natural steam of 100% azuki beans. This pillow has the perfect shape and size to fit onto your neck and shoulders to provide you with a full, relaxing steam experience.

※Azuki beans and mung beans are used for this product.

① 100% adzuki beans※1 are used for this product.

② Heat from natural steam

※2 of adzuki beans warms up and makes you feel relaxed.

③ It has a moderate weight and fits perfectly your neck and shoulders, so your body will be warmed up effectively.

④ A specially designed shape that widely wraps around your shoulders and neck.

⑤ Can be used immediately by heating up with a microwave oven.

⑥ Economical as it can be used 250 times repeatedly.

※ 1: Adzuki beans and mung beans are used for this product

※ 2: Steam is invisible.


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