Kiribai 桐灰

Kiribai Kairo 24hr Hand Warmer Pads 10pcs [13cm x 9.5cm] 日本原装 24小时恒温发热暖宝宝


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The Kiribai Kairo New Hand Warmer has a long-lasting effect of 24 hours so you can keep your hands warm for the whole day. 10 pieces per pack.

It is supple and durable hand warmer.

  • Maximum temperature 65 Ž
  • Average temperature 51 ‹ C
  • Duration 24 hours
  • 13cm x 9.5cm (10pcs) 

Warning: Do not microwave. For external use only. Do not stick directly on skin. Keep out of reach of children. 

How to use: 

  • Take out the inner bag from the outer bag just before use, shake it several times, and wrap it on clothing or cloth so that it does not touch the skin directly.
  • If the temperature drops during use, shake again.


  • Low-temperature burns are burns that cause symptoms such as erythema and blisters when a heating element with a temperature higher than the body temperature is applied for a long time. Please note that there may be low-temperature burns without subjective symptoms.

Material / Ingredient

  • Iron powder, water, activated carbon, vermiculite, water absorbent resin, salts

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