Kiribai Kairo

Kiribai Kairo Hand Warmer 24hrs 10pc


Max temperature is 65 degrees celsius and average temperature is 51 degrees celsius.

[Cautions for the prevention from a low-temperature burn]
- Please do not put on skin directly.
- Please avoid use in the place same for a long time.
- Please check the state of skin about once in 1 hour.
When abnormalities are appeared, please remove immediately.
- Since it is easy to be the low-temperature burn when sleeping, please do not use it.
- The person whom skin is weaker should be careful of a low-temperature burn.
- When you feel too hot, please remove immediately. 
- Since the inside of bedding and combined use of a heating appliance become high temperature, please do not use it.
- Since those who have a handicap in a feeling of heat and blood circulation can be burned and have which fear, please consult with a doctor or a pharmacist on diabetes etc.
- In use in thin clothing, such as underwear, please be careful of a low-temperature burn.


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